Let’s fall in Love with Love
(pronounced - Oo-Nn-Ss) meaning Love.

It is a collection of my Quotes and Poetry, themed on Love.

Uns for me has been a great journey of discovery, growth and more importantly love: a journey that started with Wordions.com as my little space to express myself to the world and has now culminated into “Uns” (Love).

This just re-emphasizes my belief that God plants angels on your path that lead you to your calling. You just need to take the first step.

“Uns” was my calling.


We live in an era of supersonic communication, yet nothing travels faster than feelings from one heart to another. The truth is the most powerful channel of communication is still the heart and the greatest healer still Love.

A 3 AM conversation with a friend, who believes that ‘Love Hurts More than Heals’ got me thinking on the whys and hows of this cliché. She had a point but it is my undying belief that the world needs more Love, albeit the right kind!

But if you adulterate a drug, can you expect it to cure? Love is a drug too!

This book is a collection of my poems and writings exploring the miracle potion Love, and an attempt to bring out its distilled form.

My love for love often gets me diving deep into this emotion where I discover and rediscover the secrets to unveil the true power of Love

The writings to come are my reflections on:

The Pillars of love

Acceptance, Compassion, Trust

The Power of love

Both when it succeeds and when it fails

The Purpose of love

Re-emphasizing that love is not about Possession

It is a compassionate energy that crosses all bars of distance and time, and touches the one you love in ways never understood but just felt.

So come with me, Let’s fall in Love with Love!

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