Donation Drives

Donation Drives

2018 Global Food Donation Drive

A few very talented and enthusiastic volunteers joined me in this Global Food Drive on 20th May 2018 – with the view to heal the world from Hunger. 

In 2018 we donated 1300 Kgs of Food to the Food Bank Singapore.

2019 Rice Donation Drive

In 2019, me and 36 like-minded individuals collected and donated 2,010 packs of 5kg rice (equivalent to 10,050 kg of rice) to Food Bank Singapore. The initiative got the group into the Singapore Book of Records for the largest donation of rice to charities collected from the public.

2020 Rice Donation Drive

In April 2020 we did a very limited Rice drive since situations did not warrant any bulk buying.

We donated 855 kgs of rice to Annalakshmi for their Migrant workers meal program.

2021 Rice Donation Drive

In 2021 we donated 35280 Kgs of rice ( equivalent to 7056 packs of 5 kg rice) this year 41 volunteer leaders were involved.

We made a new record,  breaking our own Singapore Book of record from 2019 and elevating the bar. 

2021 Rice Donation Drive

There were six beneficiary organisations in 2021

Annalakshmi community meals Program


Thank you for donating 17 tons (17,000 Kg) of rice to us. This rice is used for providing about 10,000 to 11,000 meals a day to poor, needy, disabled, sick and homeless people in Singapore. We use about 1 ton rice a day. We understand these are hard times for all of us, thank you once again for your donation. 

Willing Hearts Founder, Tony Tay

Review on The Kindness Ripple

We cannot thank you all enough for the generous donation of rice especially in this dier time of need.

This Pandemic has affected us all negatively in terms of funding and garnering of resources. This donation will help us immensely.

Sunlove Home, CPO, Mr. Mohan

Review on The Kindness Ripple

Dear donors and volunteers of The Kindness Ripple we than you so much for your generous contribution of 1550 Kg of Rice to us. This rice donation has helped us hugely for continuing our community meals program.

We are feeding 250 meals per day for needy families and students and your contribution has hugely supported us for past 4 months. We than you once again for your generous support.

Mr Raja G Palaniesamy

CFO (Chief Finamcial Officer), Annalakshmi

Dear donors and volunteers of The Kindness Ripple. Thank you so much for 2805 kg of rice donation garnered for Society of the aged sick. It meant a lot to us especially in these challenging times the cost of managing COVID has had a great impact on us as a charitable nursing home with limited financial resources. For e.g we have to pay a lot more for masks, gloves , gowns for protecting our staff and residents in the daily patient care. The donation therefore helps relieve the  financial  pressure on us and we are very grateful for your kind gesture. 

Kate Koh

Chief Operating Officer, Society of the Aged sick

I want to tell the Kindness Ripple team that what you have achieved is amazing. 

In a time when everyone is struggling, many businesses are in bad shape, and yet your Kindness Ripple is able to motivate so many people to step forward and say count me in, I want to be Involved in this Kindness Ripple to have a positive impact on the life of others. You have helped elevate others.

Honourable MP Mr. Lim Biow Chuan

Adviser to Mountbatten Grassroots organisation, MP for Mountbatten SMC

I just want to say all of you, well done!

You are the people that make Singapore special.

You are the people who have said that in good and bad times we want to step forward we want to make a difference in the life of others.

Honourable MP Mr. Lim Biow Chuan

Adviser to Mountbatten Grassroots organisation, MP for Mountbatten SMC, to the Management, Volunteer leaders of Kindness Ripple.

Other Drives

In 2018

We also did a drive to help the Kerala Flood victims where in 2 days we collected SGD 1577 and bought stuff via Amazon donated directly to charities like Goonj Foundation.

In 2021

We organised a fruit donation drive.

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