Love Quotes : Blessing or a Lesson

Any person who comes into your life is purposefully brought in. Either they are a blessing or a lesson or infact – sometimes both.

You have been sent here with a purpose, to achieve that purpose you need people who will help you in your path, you need people who will teach you lessons you need to learn, to continue your journey – understand that these people are also helping you.

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” – Mark Oliver


Don’t ever get bogged down by the messengers, take the message and keep your eys on the destination, while enjoying the journey.

These messages are bringing you a lot of self knowledge,  understand them for they will help you grow, understand them for nothing is more satisfying than being understood and nothing can shoot your self- confidence more than being understood and accepted by your ownself.

“And if you didn’t happen how would I have ever known the thrill of being understood. Undertood not just by someone, but more so by myself. And for this one experience, I can forgive you anything. And for this one experience, I can love you forever and ever.” – Wordions

Love but without the desire to own. Understand you cannot own anyone, no one can be with you on your journey forever, all of us have our own paths to take. So no matter what, people will leave, what is important is not how soon they leave but what you do of the time together. Make it beautiful, pour all your love into it, grow from each other. And let them go when its time for them to leave. Thank them, never resent. Keep sending them love.

“Life is a Journey.
And journeys are all about direction. Thank you for your contribution to my direction.” – Wordions

“She will never let you win. Neither will she ever let you lose. It is not the games, but achieving this balance that drains her.” – Wordions


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