Inspirational Women Speaker Series : Zai Miztiq : “You have only one life – Find your Version 2.0”

March is celebrated as the Women’s History Month, to mark this we have started a special feature where I am going to talk to Inspirational Women who have made a difference in the society.

The first guest in this series is a Singaporean Lady “Zai Miztiq” – who is also known as ‘The Heart Specialist’, an author, a motivational speaker, strengths coach and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She runs Miztiq International Pte Ltd. with a mission to empower, educate, and enrich women and youth locally and globally. She is also the founder of the Sisterhood Mentorship Program.

Zai has had an interesting journey to success. From the artist on the street to being invited to the Parliament. A Journey filled with tremendous strength, wisdom and determination.

“I never say No, I say why not.”

Drishti : From a Henna artist to an international speaker, how did this happen Zai ?

Zai Miztiq : During schooling days I was in the makeup artist club, and I got started with Henna when my cousin came to me one weekend and said hey I have a wedding to attend here’s the Henna and here’s the design please draw this for me. And I said ok let me do it, I never say No, I say why not.

I wasn’t just a Henna artist I was a street artist. Everyday hoping to make some money. Then I went to Japan for a two week trip which turned into a 6 months stay, teaching Henna in Japan. I was invited by Tokyo FM, Local Magazines and that’s exactly when I saw my potential. I knew I had something special to offer. My intention was to setup a Henna school in Japan. But I met with an accident, I fractured and dislocated my spine and the doctor said I cannot walk any more, I have 8 screws and 2 rods as I speak to you now. At that point I didn’t think much, I was in denial. I was only 25 then, I wanted to take a break from life then.

One year into the accident, I asked a question to myself – Do I want to remain victim for life or victorious, why didn’t I die in the accident? What is my purpose of being, when I asked those magic questions, the universe presented it’s answers to me. Then I decided I wanted to seek God, I wanted to find my purpose. That’s when I decided to embrace Hijab, but I wanted it to be a nice fashion statement, I did not want to look like an aunty.

I then got a chance to travel to Cyprus, London and Syria that’s where I brought back Fashion Hijab and accessories. That’s when I started my online Hijab business. I grew my face-book following, the business was doing well. But then I realized there is more to it, it’s not just this, I wanted to do more so I travelled to the Middle East and I learnt Arabic. After coming back I wanted to teach Arabic here, but then I had this magic phone call, from my followers on Facebook saying – “Zai I want to speak to you for 5 to 10 minutes”, in the end of the call she said thank you for speaking to me, I was going to commit suicide but I feel ok now. That’s when I thought I was here to do more than do Henna or sell Hijab. I need to help people.

That is where I wrote my first book “Turn Passion to Profit$$ “ . But if I could change the title it would be turning your misery into motivation and then taking that motivation to a purposeful action.

From their my journey as a speaker started – I was invited to speak in schools, corporates, events, TV / media coverage, I was invited to speak in Morocco last year, I was in London recently. That’s how I moved from street artist to an International Speaker. And now I am running this Sisterhood Mentorship programme – I even have a man on my mentorship programme.

Drishti : Wow that is amazing, one key thing that I have noticed is that you took the cues that the Universe gave you. Each time you stepped out of your comfort zone and I think that’s really beautiful.

Zai Miztiq: I saw the wisdom in the pain and that is how I turned the pain into Power, mess to message.

Drishti : The problem with most of us is that we look at pain with a very negative connotation but what you have shown us is that how pain can be turned into power.

“Spot the opportunity, Grab the opportunity and create the opportunity”

Drishti : How did you get this idea of taking Henna to Japan? There are so many Henna artists around, but what marked you apart was this unique concept of taking Henna to Japan, how did this come about?

Zai Miztiq : Bringing Henna to Japan – I would give this credit to a friend Aziza, I met on the streets. One day she said, why don’t you bring this art to Japan? That’s where I used my 3 keys formula – Spot the opportunity, Grab the opportunity and create the opportunity. I took the leap of faith. Spotted the opportunity that Aziza suggested, grabbed it and went ahead to Japan and remember it wasn’t easy, I was just 20 then. In Japan, I wasn’t just doing Henna art on streets but I took a step further, and started teaching Henna in Japan and that’s how I created opportunity. This is the thing that people do not do.

The most beautiful part is that even today my students in Japan are teaching Henna and the art lives on.

Drishti: That’s very interesting – Listen to the Cues of the universe, Grab opportunity, Create opportunity. Some great take aways there.

zai 2

“There is something about writing down what you want, Universe somehow answers you sooner”

Drishti : Tell us about your meeting with Madam Halimah Yucob, For those who don’t know – Madam Halimah Yucob is a Singaporean Politician – A member of the country’s governing People’s Action Party (PAP), she is currently the ninth Speaker of Parliament,[2] having assumed office on 14 January 2013. She is the first woman to hold this post in the Republic’s history.

Zai Miztiq : That was a very beautiful surprise, it was such a great honor. I was a new author and there was an email exchange and she invited me to meet her in the parliament house, which was like being invited to the White House for me. That was massive.

How did that opportunity get created, I had an intention to impact the world and I knew I had to do it through a certain platform be it an International Speaker or a Young Politician. There were various paths and directions I could take – I wrote them all down, there is something about writing down what you want, Universe somehow answers you sooner. And that was when I got the email that Madam Halimah wants to meet you. When we met it was like two girlfriends meeting.

Drishti: Were you nervous?

Zai Miztiq : Yes at first I was very nervous but she was very kind, she made me very comfortable. I was very curious on how I could help the community, so I did ask a lot of questions. But eventually I decided that maybe I will take a path of International Speaker. I thought that resonated best with me. A lot of people today follow the doctrine of “Let’s just do it “that is a mistake many make, that’s not the way it should be done. It’s very important to understand who you are, what resonates best with you and then align that purpose with meaning and then take action. Do not Jump steps.

Drishti : I think we align in thoughts on that one a lot – the fundamental philosophy behind is also the same – first know yourself, then accept yourself, and now make your decisions based on what you want to do and not based on what people want you to be. Thanks Zai for that very beautiful message.

This talk as you know Zai is to celebrate women’s history month. What is that one message you would like to give women.

Go and find your Version 2.0

Zai Miztiq : Understand that you have struggles and you are not alone, because it’s not just we women that have struggles men too have similar insecurities to handle – I am ugly, I am lazy, I am unloved – the pain of the young girl is essentially the same as the pain of a growing young boy. These young girls and young boys are adults today, still believing that we are worthless, we are stupid, we are slow. So go and find your Version 2.0 – Whatever you have been living, from this moment onwards it is your past. Just go refine your life and move forward. You have only one life.

Drishti: That is powerful indeed “You have only one life – Find your Version 2.0” Thanks Zai for sharing your experiences and insights with us. It was a great pleasure talking to you.

8th April meet Zai Miztiq in person as one of the speakers – at our event – “The Magic steps to Discover and Pursue your Passion and feel confident from within. ”
More details to follow. Watch this space.

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