The 5Ps for Keeping an Alpha woman

A strong independent woman does not need you for your money or status – she earns that anyway. Traditionally Man is the provider and decision maker, hence our society has wired men to feel that providence and security is their prime offering to a woman. But for an alpha female that is not a need. This leaves men confused and insecure because they struggle to understand their offering to the relationship.

Here are the 5 Ps that are the topmost needs of a strong independent woman.



Probity i.e. Honesty
She prefers to be straightforward and honest, always telling it how it is, so that others can see her honest intentions. And she expects the same from you. Don’t even attempt lying for she will know, she is too smart to be lied to.
The best part however is that she will respect you for being honest, no matter how bitter the truth is.
So keep out those lies, be brave and speak the truth.



She is passionate in all she does, nothing turns her off more than someone who has no zest or passion in life. She wants a lively blooming relationship, not a dead garden.
So get that desire hat on, and live each moment to its fullest.


Personal time

She has a lot going on in her head, a million scenarios, and yet keeps her head straight to make the right decisions. To retain her perspective she needs her time to reflect, to recharge. Never infringe that.
She also needs her alone time with you to recharge relationship and feel the love and companionship.
If you slack here, you will lose her.



She will make you a priority in her life and will expect the same. Never ever treat her as an option, she will walk away still loving you, but never looking back.



She may seem self sufficient (and she is) and as if she does not need anything, but remember she is still a girl and that girl inside her loves to be treated like a girl – Pampered and cared for.
Understand this unsaid need and your relationship will reach another level.

About the author

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