A Walk Along A Highly Sensitive Person’s Mind: Their Security Gates And Landmines

There is no brain in roses, yet even without a nervous system they are designed and endowed with internal self defense mechanisms like – prickles and thorns, to protect their beauty from predators.
Nature knows what is precious in you and always endows you with mechanisms to protect that. Highly sensitive people, the healers or the empaths are one of the most precious possessions of the world, especially today, when the world is plagued by emotional poverty.
The term Highly Sensitive People comes from the research by Elaine Aron, and is estimated that 20% of the population, regardless of country or culture, are biologically hard-wired to be more sensitive to their environment.
Although HSP’s are very sensitive and may seem easy targets of emotional manipulation, but in reality they are not as easily manipulated, thanks to their inbuilt security gates.
Let us take a walk along a highly sensitive person’s mind, explore their security gates and also their landmines.
The security gates inside an empaths mind:

1. The Sensing Gate

The sensitive’s are endowed with great sensing abilities. They read energy. When they enter a room they can judge the mood of the room merely by its energy. This ability protects them from hitting the wrong cord at an inappropriate time and keeps them out of embarrassing situations, which their sensitive heart does not take easily. This is just not a defense  but also their super power. A power, if used appropriately can make them very futuristic.

“Get curious, read energy. The future belongs to people who are curious, people who can sense – Sense the energies in their surroundings and translate them to business direction.” – Drishti Bablani, Wordions

2. The Intuition Gate

The highly sensitive’s are deeply in touch with their heart and hence have a well-developed intuition. This intuition alerts them against potential threats, it is not uncommon to see a highly sensitive person make last minute cancellation from a flight that crashes later, or calls up a loved one suddenly out of nowhere (just because they feel uneasy about them), right before they meet with an accident.


3. The Observing Gate

HSPs will notice things that other people do not, they are extremely observant especially about people, they are listening to it all, whether it is said, unsaid. This ability helps them read people and guards them against those who are trying to play them.

“Listening isn’t just about being quiet. It is about listening to what is said, what is unsaid and what is meant, with your eyes, ears and heart.” – Drishti Bablani, Wordions

4. The Memory Gate

Not only are the sensitive’s observant but they also have a great memory especially about what you previously told them (remember they are listening). They without any effort and without you ever noticing, are constantly validating everything from memory. This gate helps them keep out liars and manipulators.


5. The Psycho analytic Gate

The sensitive’s by design are good at behavioral psychology, regardless of their formal education they just have a natural disposition and knack for this.

HSP’s when they hurt, they hurt hard and long. This gate gives them the understanding and view of the real reasons behind people’s behaviors especially those who hurt them, thus helping them forgive them, even if they weren’t sorry. This gate helps their hurting heart heal easier.

6. The Feeling Gate

The empaths mentally live many lives, when they are listening to you they have actually instantaneously transported in your skin and are now living your life as you speak, and hence they actually live other’s emotions and are able to feel people merely via a text, a message or a call. This gate helps them connect with people, understand their pain and hence help heal it. This gives their heart a special kind of fulfilling that a HSP greatly desire.

Their landmines:

The things that are responsible for their downfall if not handled consciously and carefully.

1. Their strong attraction to narcissist

An empaths power of empathy generally makes him/her a go-to person when someone wants to vent, especially the emotional off-loaders and narcissist.

They also tend to have this obsession to heal someone who is hurting or bring back the light in someone (narcissist) that they see still alive. This is one reason why it is not uncommon for the highly sensitive people to be stuck long term in a relationship with a sociopath or narcissist.

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2. Emotional loneliness – Feeling of not being understood

Generally HSPs are not very good at sharing their pain with others. They rarely ever confide completely in someone, it is not because they do not trust but because they feel that people will not relate to their intensity of emotions.
This emotional loneliness makes them more susceptible to depression.

3. Inability to block other’s negative energy from affecting them

Many HSPs struggle with blocking the negative energies of other’s. They absorb this energy as theirs and often suffer from anxiety.

So if you are a highly sensitive person, remember you are bestowed with powers to protect your precious heart. Do not harden, do not surrender your sensitivity to the fear of pain.
Remember –

“Toughness is not  hardening, toughness is withstanding all the forces that want you to harden, whilst still retaining your sensitivities and your humanness.” – Drishti Bablani, Wordions

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