Zodiac Signs : Why are Scorpios so secretive and why are Capricorns so walled ?

Scorpios and Capricorns are extremely sensitive inside the tough outer shell, yes even the ice cold Capricorns, however oh boy will they ever reveal this ? Nay !
But deep inside they are scared that their emotions will be hurt if the same intensity of feelings is not returned, so they play very safe and are very secretive about their emotions. Both these signs are deep feelers and great thinkers, a perfect combination that makes them sceptical and and not trust others easily.
Deep feelings need deep trust, only then can they be revealed. But once you have established that trust expect to drown in love and passion.
Both these signs are also extremely loyal, however scorpio (men especially) have a lot of sexual energy around them which sometimes can stray them away into an exciting adventure. The secretiveness comes in handy again, they are the best keepers of the Vegas rule – “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” However, winning a scorpio man emotionally may take a truly special person.
On the other hand Capricorn is not a easy one to get, but if they fall they fall hard. Which makes them extremely vulnerable and hence before they let anyone in they want to be completely sure that they will not be hurt. They are not walled they are just protecting what is sensitive in them, wouldn’t anyone do that ?

In crux :

Scorpio : Secretive

The more intellegent you are the less you trust people.

Capricorn : Walled

The softer the core the stronger the shell.

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