Zodiac Facts : What we should learn from each sign ?

1. Capricorn

The goats are known for their Persistence and keeping their minds focused on finding a solution, rather than shying away from difficult situations.
Additionally they are a great combination of tough minds and a soft heart, which makes them good leaders.
Learn from them “the art of pertinacity while retaining your sensitivity.”

2. Aquarius

Aquarians are great analytical minds combined with the ability to give attention to detail. Intelligent and patient this water bearer has a lot to teach us.
Additionally they are very affectionate and great care takers.
Learn from them the “art of winning through thoroughness”.

3. Aries

Aries are the go getters. The most admirable traits of an Aries is their courage and optimism. Greatest battles are won in the mind first, that is where the Aries scores very high. Fear fears them.
Additionally they are very spontaneous and natural which makes them very authentic.
Learn from them the “art of making fear – fear you.”

4. Taurus

The bulls are extremely reliable and trustworthy. Their Maturity and cautiousness makes them very practical.
Learn from them the “the art of becoming the key supporting pillars.”

5. Pisces

The fish have a certain inbuilt altruism in them, not necessarily the kind that takes them at the places of worship too often, but the kind that makes them help people. They look for meaning in life and relationships. Empathy and intuition are their great astrological gifts.
Learn from them “the art of Living beautifully and feeling passionately.”

6. Cancer

The generous Cancer wins the world with their giving heart and strong loyalty.
Learn from them “the art of living through giving”

7. Leo

Born Leader, a Leo is warm at heart and yet extremely result-oriented.
They do it all Love, Work and Live to the fullest.
Learn from them “the art of Living Life king -size”

8. Virgo

With a Virgo you are promised Perfection. They are a seductive blend of beauty, Intelligence, practicality and reliability.
Learn from them “the art of winning through Perfec-xellence.”

9. Libra

Libra live a balanced life, a balance between realism and idealism, a balance between self and others.
They are lovers of beauty, and advocate a life of harmony and peace.
Learn from them “the art of living with equilibrium.”

10. Gemini

The quick-witted Gemini, is astrological designed for change. They are the change initiators and handle change with great finesse. That makes them generally very successful people.
Learn from them “the art of living a multi-faceted life.”

11. Scorpio

The Fighter Scorpio, wins with his/her intensity, commanding demeanor and zest for living.
Learn from them “the art of living Passionately.”

12. Sagittarius

The wise Sagittarius is courageous and the one who stands up for what they believe.
They are the strong and would generally be the load bearing pillars in the house.
Learn from them “the art of candid living.”

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