Zodiac Facts : How Do You Know They Like You ?

If you are looking to find out whether your crush has a crush back on you, but struggle to understand the subtle signs. Let’s help you out. Let us see how each zodiac sign behaves when they have a crush on you or like you.


1. Capricorn

The ice kings and Queens as they are, they are a pro at making it awkward. First they will create situations to meet you and when they do, they will end up not talking to you at all.

2. Aquarius

They will be extra caring towards you. Expect especially cooked nice food or a head massage or a chauffeur service coming your way.

3. Cancer

They have a tough time dealing with this feeling, they may get uncomfortable around you. Don’t get discouraged with their distancing they are just trying to handle their feelings.

4. Leo

Their Lion instincts will come to play. They will display their strengths very loudly, in the attempt to attract and impress you.

5. Scorpio

They will get adorably jealous of those around close to you, and may even throw some sarcasm at them. They will also play detective and will be greatly informed about you, sometimes they will figure out more about you than you yourself.

6. Pisces

They will just miraculously appear wherever you are.

7. Aries

They will be loud and clear about it, no shying away, no hiding. Remember they act before they think, so sometimes they can make you really awkward with their open display.

8. Gemini

Tease you and invite those sweet fights with you. They want all your attention.

9. Libra

They will be visibly happy around you, with their creativity blooming at such times.

10. Taurus

They will blush around you. They will be extremely caring and sweet with you, however they are that way with all so sometimes may be difficult to judge your specialness to them, but don’t worry you will feel it, if it exists.

11. Sagittarius

They will go out of the way, and do those sweet little specials for you. Expect surprise birthday parties, a series of gifts especially hand crafted. They will give a personal touch to everything they give you. They will be more chirpy when you are in the room.

12. Virgo

Their eyes will follow you and their heart will gather your emotions.

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