Quiz : What is your greatest driving emotional need ?

Like it or not emotions rule your decisions to a great extent. It’s not uncommon to see value centered individuals go against their value systems to meet some of their unmet driving emotional needs. They take enormous risks just to have them fulfilled and if they are not they may turn into depression, irritability, bitterness, and narcissism.

“Emotions are some merciless attention seekers you know, you ignore them they destroy you.” – Wordions

A lot of your success in life and relationships depends upon your ability to understand your emotional drivers and needs. If you are unable to comprehend the messages your feelings are trying to give you, you get either confused or anxious and in the process take wrong decisions.

Secondly, the people who are unaware of their emotional drivers/needs are also easy targets for liars and manipulators.

“Lies are powerless unless you believe them.
We believe only those lies that give us something we greatly desire.
Liars succeed because they study your desires before you do.” – Wordions

Knowing your driving emotional need, gives perspective to many things you have been feeling. Your longings, your dis-satisfactions. It answers many unanswered questions like why you are drawn to some people and you repel others. This knowledge is also very critical for choosing the right kind of partner, this is one of the biggest decision of your life and so it is important to first understand yourself before you actually decide to spend your life with someone else.

“The more you understand someone you, The more you fall in love with them you.” – Wordions

Only once you know and love yourself can you truly love others.

Not only is it important to understand your driving emotional need but more important to understand that of your partner or potential partner. This knowledge if followed up with right actions can do wonders to a relationship.

Take the quiz to find “What is your greatest driving emotional need?”



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