8 Collaborative Strategies For Success Acceleration

Social beings as we are, we look for connection in every aspect of life. Always searching for our clan. In every walk of life we need people who “get us”, business is no different. Infact in business, we look for more, we look for people who have been there, who have crossed that shaky bridge, moved that heavy rock, walked that slippery trail, or people who know more than you in some area, which is perhaps either new to us or not our forte. We look to collaborate.

Collaboration in business today ain’t just a buzzword but more of a survival trait.

“For success acceleration master the art of collaboration.”

There could be different ways in which you could collaborate, some key collaborative strategies are

  1. Mentor – Mentee
    The fastest way to business success is by piggybacking on the advice of people who have already spent years learning how to succeed. A Mentor-Mentee relationship does just that. With a mentor you get someone you can ask questions and get advice that has the credibility of experience behind it.  Someone who can put you in touch with contacts who can help your business be more successful. Someone who gives you an excellent outsiders perspective and someone who has walked the talk.
  2. Recommending other entrepreneurs from different niche to your customers and vice versa
    Combining your database with other businesses will expose you to an entirely different segment of people for a shoestring of the price.
  3. Share your expertise freely
    Not only does this give you the satisfaction of having made a difference and giving back to your network but it also does elevate your image as an industry expert. This then goes a long way in your reputation building and hence your overall success.
  4. Give endorsements and reviews to other fellow entrepreneurs.
    Do not fake it, but a genuine review from a peer means a lot, both personally and professionally. Do it for experienced entrepreneurs but do not leave out the first timers. They are the ones who need it the most. According to a Forbes article – “36 percent of new businesses fail after just two years, ” which is why new entrepreneurs need all the help they can get.
  5. Jointly organize – contests / events
    This not only shares your financial burden but also a lot of your logistical hassles ease out due to this collaboration.

    “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

  6. Help your “network” network.
    That’s how networks grow, you help the people in your network – network with each other and they will surely return the favor.
  7. Support each other on their events by honoring the invites, giving talks, guest articles.
    These gestures go a long way in building the relationship. Always take the long view.
  8. Always look for Synergies in your network
    Tap them and help others tap them.

Collaboration is, at its core, a social activity. It is founded on generosity, sharing and openness.
All you need is to be willing to be the first to say hello and ask other members for what you want, we all love to help, so more often than not the answer will be positive.

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