Weekly Zodioscope – Pisces


21 Feb – 20 Mar

Week : 19 Dec 2016- 25 Dec 2016

Work :

You think of doing plenty of things, many times you have dreamed the entire plans, but execution is a trouble. Remember its all about how much you want it, think of the things you really wanted to do and how you surpassed all the opposition and still went ahead and did it. Follow your passions, do not let anyone dim your shine.

Love :

Not all express love the same way, some are physically expressive, some are verbally expressive and some express love by their actions even if their words speak otherwise. Yes your partner way may not be the most ideal way of expression but yet always remember an action is far more powerful than words. With this understanding that you have developed your relationship is today reaching a new level, a great job Pisces.

Health :

Don’t over stress yourself. Take it slow.

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