Weekly Zodioscope – Leo

23 Jul - 23 Aug

23 Jul – 23 Aug

Week : 19 Dec 2016- 25 Dec 2016

Work :

Remember – Attitude,  the difference between winners and losers. You are born with a winning attitude, its your astrological gift. So do not let someone’s negativity over power your inherent strength. Let the negative people go.

Love :

“Live beautifully. Dream passionately. Love completely.” Your life motto is perfect. You are in for a beautiful time in your love life, the person who has been in your dreams since long is now in front of you. Show them the strength of your feelings, in your own special way. You are bound to win over.

Health :

Health is stable. Take care of your bones though.


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An astrology enthusiast, a keen believer in zodiac power.